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I know it's rare that I blog (bad, bad author!) but I actually have some genuine, proper news to share with you all!

I am currently writing a script for a multi-episode radio play! The creators, Lewis and Alexandra, are in Sydney, Australia, so this is very much an international endeavour!

Previously, I'd sent another script, for another project entirely, but the pandemic put the brakes on it. However, Alexandra liked my writing style enough to ask if I would be interested in writing a script for this new project. Of course I jumped at the chance!

Miss Levine’s world is turned upside down with the sudden arrival of a mysterious man from her past one dark, stormy night. The quiet town of Grimloch is shaken to its core and left reeling by his arrival. Why is he there? One thing is for sure, Miss Levine will do anything to protect her dark, hidden past at any cost. This series, set in the town of Grimloch, is for those attracted to the darker side of life. It is set in a small town, where no one is as they seem.

The recording of Episode 1 is happening this coming Sunday (6th December).

If you'd like to support the series, all for the price of a coffee, you can find more details (including some very nice Subscriber perks) in the link below. You can also find the team on Facebook and Instagram.


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