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The Trouble With Pixies

A Short Story Introduction to the Edinburgh Elementals series.


All Michael wants is a quiet evening in his new home, but an unexpected visit puts paid to that. Hattie isn't here to welcome her new neighbour, though. There's something in Michael's attic that shouldn't be there. Several somethings, in fact.


Hattie says they're invisible to everyone but her. Michael thinks she's crazy. But armed with a paintball gun, Hattie's going to prove him wrong.

The Trouble With PixiesRead by Chris Barnes
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Tears of Gold

By day Cheryl works for a city law firm. By night she breaks into the houses of wealthy Edinburgh citizens and takes what she can.

After stealing a valuable necklace from the home of Hattie Turner, Cheryl can't believe her luck when she discovers the object has magical abilities.

But joy soon turns to misery, as the necklace begins to weave its power over her.

Meanwhile, Hattie is determined to get the Brisingamen necklace back under lock and key.

Tears Of Gold Retail SampleRead by Chris Barnes
00:00 / 04:59

Land of the Ice Giants

Hattie Turner is in the Scottish Highlands, seeking an audience with the Ice Giants. But first she has to contend with a clapped-out car and a supernatural stowaway in the form of a forest spirit. Reluctant to let the moody Leshovik tag along, his presence is gladly welcomed when Hattie finds herself in danger in the Ice Giant's kingdom.


The third book in the Edinburgh Elemental series.

Giants_RetailSampleRead by Chris Barnes
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Festival of Fiends

"Sorry, are you trying to tell me you don't find me funny?"


When the world descends on Edinburgh for the annual festival celebrations, Hattie Turner decides to make some money by renting her spare room out. Her tenant turns out to be Lyle Sanders, a desperately unfunny but strangely successful comedian, who worryingly takes a shine to Hattie and tries to woo her. Meanwhile, Hattie's neighbour Michael is receiving some attention himself, in the shape of Nicole Daria, an impossibly sexy jazz singer, who seems too good to be true... Book 4 in the Edinburgh Elementals series.

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