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Current & Future Projects

Hey, folks! It's been a while since I posted on this blog. I hope you all had a good new year and are safe and well. I thought I'd bring you up to date about what I've been up to since Christmas/New Year and what projects are in the pipeline.

Writing-Related News

I'm organising narrations of some of the stories from my latest book, Vulnerable In Front of Fiction, Vol 1. Since these will be used as promotion for the actual book, I may put them up on Soundcloud and Spotify. More details soon!

And sticking with ViFOFv1, I'm also commissioning a very talented illustrator to create some images to put in the next edition of the book. Again, more details to come!

Other News

I recently attended the Van Gogh Alive exhibition and was so inspired by the experience that I have taken up painting and drawing. I've never been good at art, but I'm enjoying how relaxed I feel when I pick up the paintbrush or complete a sketch. Here's some of the paintings I've done.


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