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Beatles, Stories, and First Time Flying!

Well, a few things have occurred since my last post earlier this year. You may have spotted one of them on the homepage of the website.

I was honoured that Free As A Bird, a short monologue I wrote was selected by Act Your Age Productions as one of five pieces to be filmed as part of the 60th anniversary of the release of The Beatles' debut single, Love Me Do.

Performed by the wonderful Julie Root, we meet a woman who witnessed the last public performance by The Beatles on the 30th January 1969.

Check out the other four fantastic monologues afterwards!

I also have exciting news regarding a short story that will be published in an upcoming issue of a great online literary journal - details about that will be revealed nearer the time.

And finally, in some non-writing news, I'm going on my first ever trip abroad (which includes my first ever trip to an airport, and first ever trip on an airplane) in which I'll be travelling all the way from the UK to Australia early next year! I'm both very excited and very nervous - there's a LOT I need to organise before then, but I'm hugely looking forward to it! I may blog about it over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!


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