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I'm not sure if there's much crossover between fans of speculative fiction and 'romcom fiction', but as someone who readily reads both genres, I thought I'd tell you about the books I've written in the latter category (I know some people bristle at the word 'chicklit' but I don't mind it, myself).

I've written four books as Izzy Hunter (the name a nod to my maternal great-grandmother) so far, and I was quite far along with a fifth, Please Do Not Disturb, before the pandemic hit, and my enthusiasm for the story vanished - I will finish it some day, though!

The Twin Dilemma (2016) - Named after one of the most unpopular Classic Doctor Who stories, because why not? I also started writing a tale called The Deadly Assistant - a homage to The Deadly Assassin. This book is about the relationship between a set of twins who appear to be like chalk and cheese, when one is forced to pretend to be the other. This is available as an audiobook, as well as an ebook and a paperback.

Loving The Alien (2017) - Coronation Street meets Starman. Another book whose title shares the same name as a Doctor Who book from 2003. This light sci-fi is about a young woman trying out a dating agency, whose clients are out of this world... Obviously, this is an alternative world where Tinder never existed!

Highland Fling (2018) - I got the idea for this one after seeing how huge the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series was doing. I imagined a company in the highlands who put on a roleplaying package holiday where clients could 'time travel' and star in their very own highland romance. In keeping with the Doctor Who connection of the other books, the story includes the main character purchasing a life-size Dalek model!

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (2019) - This doesn't actually feature Doctor Who in any way (what was I thinking?!). This is about the suspicion of spouses and realising when a marriage has reached its end. Despite the subject matter, it's quite humorous!

If you're curious to find out more, click on the book titles above. I also have an Izzy Hunter website you can browse, too!


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