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A Quick Catch-Up

Things may have gone a bit sideways during this past year and a bit, but that has not meant my projects have ground to a halt, luckily. Here's what I've been working on:

Project One: Jockula (a novel)

I did put aside the manuscript for a while, due to lack of motivation, but I sent part of it off for critiquing by a professional writer who I much admire. The feedback was very useful, and spurred me onto continuing with it. I'm currently just over 30k words, and not even halfway through the story yet, so it may be my biggest book, yet.

Project Two: Grimloch (an audio script)

I wrote about this in the previous blog post. The audio script I'm

writing for the team in Sydney, Australia, is pretty much at its final draft, now. It's been very exciting being involved with this project, and has really turned me on to looking into writing more scripts in various formats (audio, stage, etc). Funding is still being secured for the audio series, but I look forward to sharing more details about the episode/series soon.

Project Three: Vulnerable In Front of Fiction (short story collections)

I've been writing short stories, off and on, for the past ten years. Some I've published as collections or put up here on this blog, but since last March, I've been jotting down ideas that have come to me, and now have enough for a healthy short story collection (I currently have over thirty stories, in various stages of completion). I'm planning to release them in two books, Vol 1 and Vol 2, and hoping to publish them within the next twelve months.


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