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New Radio Show!

Something I couldn't have foreseen happening a mere few months ago would be writing the following words:

I am going to be hosting my own new weekly radio show!

Yet, that's exactly what I'll be doing beginning Tuesday 5th March, from 8pm-9pm (UK time) on (click on the link to find the various ways to listen)

A squirrel in a blue jacket and yellow trousers listening to a radio via headphones.

The Rufty Club (totally a play on The Tufty Club, the 1950s-1990s UK road safety awareness campaign, fronted by Tufty the Squirrel) will have a mix of music (old and new, obscure and not-so-obscure), trivia, and comedy snippets from some of my favourite shows. Not only that, there'll be Rufty Club badges to award artists in arbitrary categories that'll change on a monthly basis!

If you can't listen live, the show will be repeated on Fridays at 11am and will also be available on

I can't wait to share some of my favourite songs and artists with the wider world! If you're curious to find out the first gig I attended or why I stopped listening to Kylie Minogue for almost ten years, remember to tune in!


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