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Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Slightly late posting about this but I recently organised a multi-author charity anthology to celebrate 60 years of The Beatles' debut album, Please Please Me. In the Pleased! anthology, each writer was tasked with writing a short story/monologue based on the track list of the original album.

There's a nice mix of genres penned by authors from Australia, Barbados and the United Kingdom.

Any royalties made from the sale of the book will be split between the ten charities supported by the authors. The charities are:

Beyond Blue (Australia)

There's also plans to release the stories as part of a series of audios in the summer, so stay tuned. Currently, the book is exclusive to Amazon Kindle but will be available more widely when the audios are released.

If you do get a copy, please consider leaving a review.


My wip, Jockula, was read out and critiqued by the guys at the Failing Writers podcast

(from 55:36 onwards)

Who Corner to Corner podcast cover image.

Listen to me talk all things Doctor Who on the great Who Corner to Corner podcast

(Ep 11-12 and 14)!

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