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My love of music is on an equal footing to my love of books and writing. I love listening to, dancing to, singing (or warbling) along to, and playing, music (at the last count I have three guitars, a keyboard, a harmonica and a tambourine). Since 2017, I've been creating music and releasing it online, under the moniker The Dandy's Boutique.

For the first few years, the tracks were mostly instrumentals, created using a computer and a keyboard MIDI, as I'm not the strongest of singers and I hadn't yet bought any music instruments, but I've since collaborated with a few people and have some tracks with vocals under my belt. I even lent my so-so voice to the song Melody. Recently, I've tentatively started putting music to someone else's lyrics which has been both a challenge but fun!

In 2024, I'm going to continue making music and collaborating with others when possible. I'm also looking into singing lessons to give me the confidence to sing in public. In the meantime, check out this playlist and consider following me on Spotify, Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

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