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Various collections of short, speculative tales. Some light, some dark, some funny, some sad. Currently writing a standalone contemporary vampire romp called Jockula, and set in Edinburgh.

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The Visitor and Other Stories

Decision time, Darcy. Alice had a choice: stay put or go down the rabbit hole. Which will you choose?

1979 Britain. Darcy is stuck in London and in a dead-end job with a bunch of sexist tabloid journalists she reluctantly calls her colleagues. Escaping for a cigarette break, she witnesses a crime. A crime that defies the law of physics.


How can the victim be dead when he’s not even been born yet?


Darcy finds herself dealing with killers who make her an impossible offer. But will she - can she - refuse?

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Vulnerable In Front of Fiction, vol 1

Two bodysnatchers find themselves in a bidding war - by the dead...

A passion for books proves fatal for a librarian...

Santa Claus is reminded of his third list...

A zombie gleefully awaits the Uprising...

A teenager realises too late that pranks can have dire consequences...

With bickering wise men, sinister clocks, and charismatic stomachs, Vulnerable in Front of Fiction contains the weird and the wonderful, the dark and the light. Fourteen tales to intrigue and entertain.

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Available Formats: eBook, paperback, hardback

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Three French Hens

Three French Hens is a collection of short stories based on titles of well-known Christmas carols, ditties and hit singles.  Includes:

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Fang Teeth - a vampire gets a bit more than he bargained for when prowling the streets in search of food. 

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - It's the live final of 'Va Va Voom', the hit singing contest show. Girl group The Angels are certain they're going to win, but then the surprise appearance of someone turns the contest upside down.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - When time is frozen, time traveller Darcy is surprised to find herself face to face with the real Santa Claus. Unable to pass up the opportunity, she invites the legend into her home for some drinks and food but very soon regrets her actions.

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Available Formats: eBook