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Quality Times series

A light, sci-fi romp in a similar vein to BBC's Doctor Who. Two brits have found themselves with a spaceship, except they're a bit rubbish at all the space adventuring lark. The third story in the series, The Ballad of Rhett Rockett, is currently being developed.


1. The Whispering Tombs

When an archaeologist alien invites you on a quest to discover hidden treasure, you don't say no. And the fact that his handsome, blue-skinned assistant will be along for the ride, is an added bonus.

For space and time adventurer, Quality Times, the chance to go exploring in the caves of Azrokaran is too good an opportunity to refuse. But a startling discovery leads to a trip back in time, and loyalties are tested to the limits as those within the group reveal their true colours.


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2. The Grandparent Trap

Young Ben Foster is not happy. He’s due to spend his summer holidays at his grandparent’s house. His boring, old-fashioned grandparents who don’t even have wi-fi. But when Ben knocks on their front door, he finds his grandparents have disappeared. In fact, most of the pensioners on the street have vanished.

When space and time-travelling adventuress, Quality Times, and her associate, Tim, encounter a distressed Ben, they decide to investigate the disappearances.

Where have the elderly folk gone to? What has it got to do with the new bus company that’s started up in the town?

With the help of Quality's gran, plus a member of the Neighbourhood Watch, they're going to find out.

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Available Formats: eBook, paperback