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has now closed its doors for the season but you can catch up on all ten episodes via 

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Music created under the moniker, The Dandy's Boutique.

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The About


Writing a very short but very surreal short story called The Scottish Policeman's Fishwife in high school was a hint of things to come for young Gayle when she found herself writing more stories with varying levels of surrealism. After a fashion, she decided to inflict these stories upon the wider world... with varying levels of success.


In 2017, after many years of resisting the urge to start creating her own music, she started creating her own music. Armed with a computer, a midi keyboard and software, a set of many instrumental tracks were born - mostly on account of Gayle not being the strongest of singers. After hitting upon the idea of buying a musical instrument (a midi keyboard doesn't count), she bought herself an acoustic guitar and then an electric guitar. Coincidentally, she's now working on guitar-based songs.

2023 came along and she surprised herself, not least anyone else, when she organised a Beatles-inspired charity anthology book in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Please Please Me album. T'is a very good book with some brilliant stories by fantastic writers... as well as a couple of stories written by Gayle.

She recently hosted a weekly radio show on Noisebox Radio where she picks her favourite tracks to play and gets to spout some trivia, but now she's focusing on writing again.


Gayle also writes about herself in the third-person. 

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